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Do you live in a flat or an apartment in India? Are you a part of a community that has a residents association? In that case, communicating with the committee members will be a regular affair. If you become an active participant, it helps in understanding the living circumstances. You will also know the people and the society better, that you are a part of. Your neighbours will be from different backgrounds, sectors and will have different personalities. So as an apartment owner who is part of the community, active participation helps to know your neighbours better. This could be for association meetings or plannings that are done on a regular basis.

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A resident association committee is formed by a volunteering group of people who live in the same complex. These people are willing to take the extra effort in ensuring the day-to-day system in the apartment or community is taken care of. They try to ensure that the operations run smoothly to secure living conditions. It is a responsibility that does not pay off monetarily. Most times, these members who have shouldered this responsibility struggle to make every resident happy. Residents question decisions taken by the association.

What goes unnoticed is the effort they have to put in. In most apartments or resident complexes, the biggest challenge is to have effective communication. Be it between the committee members or with their residents. However, there are some residential communities that are doing a fantastic job in maintaining their day to day operations and keeping their residents happy. They are successfully building happy communities instead of wasting a lot of their precious time using inefficient systems.

So what is the secret behind the best residential apartment communities?

The best residential apartment or housing communities uses an app to manage their association. A comprehensive residential apartment app or software not only provides control but also structure in how the committee communicates within themselves and with their members. A residential app management software such as ONNE is an ideal platform to build trust and have transparency in the day to day operations of any residential community.

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What are the Advantages of using ONNE, the Best Apartment Management App?

1) Building Trust

Residents will be able to trust the committee thanks to the transparency provided in the app. They will be able to keep track of all planning and activities in the app.

2) Involving the community

Engaging and involving your resident members don’t have to be cumbersome. Planning events and getting residents to RSVP on the app, knowing who will attend, creating polls and feedback forms will bring your community together. When they know you care for them, they will appreciate the effort you put in.

3) Increasing Efficiency

Chat apps are cluttered. It is an inefficient system to managing a resident association. ONNE app for Resident Management provides structure in how you communicate with your residents and also makes it easy to retrieve any information.

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4) Accessing Important Information

In a resident app, you will have an option to upload all-important contact details. For example, emergency numbers so residents can reach out and get their job done. We can do away from unnecessary calls to the security or the building helper who has to find these contacts and share.

5) Collecting Maintenance Fees

When ONNE resident management app, committee members can create invoices and collect maintenance fees from the app itself. Imagine having to call and remind members to pay the fees? Or having to send the building helper to their door to remind them. Save time and automate the process of collecting fees.

How does ONNE Crew help?

ONNE Crew provides end-to-end support, throughout your subscription period for the apartment management software.

1) Set up: Initial Setup and training.

2) Involving the community: On going support through phone, whatsapp and email along with continuous evolution of features in the app.

3) Storage: All your data is safely stored in cloud and accessible only to you.

Start now and get your resident association management app in ONNE

Originally published at on December 17, 2020.



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